Jewelry Care

We take a very good care of our products until they reach your hands. We hope you'll love them and take care of them aswell in order to prolong their life spun. We can help you achieve that with some suggestions.

Most of our products are made of 925 Sterling Silver ( some are 18k gold plated) but we also stock a nice selection of stainless steel items. It is in their nature to lose shine over time due to several factors that include air, poor storage, skin's natural pH levels or even if they are unworn for a long time (yes, your skin's natural oils can help them maintain their shine!). 

To preserve their shine we recommend the following:

  • Keep away from moisture. Remove your jewelry before entering water
  • Remove your jewelry before going to sleep
  • Remove before doing any exercise
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, alcohol or any other chemicals. For gold plated products, avoid contact with water in general as water can reduce the life of the gold plating
  • Store in a closed bag or box


To clean your products:

  • To restore the shine of the silver products, all you have to do is rub them gently with a microfiber suede cloth.
  • if you need to clean them further, use a few drops of a natural soap, mix it with warm water and gently rub them with a cloth or soft brush.
*Do not use any liquids to clean your gold plated jewelry. Simply use a soft microfiber suede cloth and rub gently.  



Aerin Jewelry does not guarantee that the gold plating will last forever. Gold plated products need a lot more care than others.  If not taken care properly, the gold will fade away over time and your product will remain silver. The duration of the gold bathing depends on many factors as mentioned above. 

If you have any questions regarding Jewelry Care please contact us at